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    Product Info:
    Battery Technology: Li-ion
    Device Voltage (Volt):15.2V
    Color: Black
    Condition: New,100% Original
    Warranty: Full 6 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money Back
    Package included:
    1 x Dell Battery

    This battery for:
    Dell 06YV0V
    Dell 0JJPFK
    Dell 1F22N
    Dell XRGXX

    This battery work with:
    Dell Alienware 2018 orion M15
    Dell Alienware ALW15M-D1735R
    Dell Alienware ALW15M-R1725S
    Dell Alienware ALW15M-R1735R
    Dell Alienware ALW15M-R1738R
    Dell Alienware ALW15M-R1748R
    Dell Alienware M15 2018
    Dell Alienware m15 GTX 1070 Max-Q
    Dell Alienware M15 P79F
    Dell Alienware M17 2019
    Dell Alienware m17 P37E
    Dell Alienware M17 P37E001
    Dell Alienware m17 R1
    Dell Alienware M17 R2
    Dell ALW15M-D1523S
    Dell ALW15M-D1525S
    Dell ALW15M-D1725S
    Dell ALW15M-D1738R
    Dell ALW15M-D4501B
    Dell ALW15M-R1523S
    Dell ALW15M-R1762
    Dell ALW15M-R1782
    Dell ALW15M-R2736R
    Dell ALW15M-R2758R
    Dell ALW15M-R2762
    Dell ALW15M-R3728S
    Dell ALW15M-R4736
    Dell ALW15M-R4736W
    Dell ALW15M-R4958W
    Dell ALW17M-D2723S
    Dell ALW17M-D2726S
    Dell ALW17M-D2736S
    Dell ALW17M-D2737S
    Dell ALW17M-D2746S
    Dell ALW17M-D2758S
    Dell ALW17M-D2956R
    Dell ALW17M-D3725S
    Dell ALW17M-D3735S
    Dell ALW17M-D4736B
    Dell ALW17M-D4746B
    Dell ALW17M-R3735S
    Dell ALW17M-R4736B
    Dell G5 15 5590
    Dell G5 5590-D1765B
    Dell G5 5590-D1765W
    Dell G5 5590-D1785B
    Dell G5 5590-D1785W
    Dell G5 5590-D1865B
    Dell G5 5590-D1865W
    Dell G5 5590-D2745B
    Dell G5 5590-D2765B
    Dell G5 5590-D2785W
    Dell G5 5590-D2845W
    Dell G5 5590-D2865W
    Dell G5 5590-D2868W
    Dell G7 15 7590
    Dell G7 17 7790
    Dell G7 7590
    Dell G7 7590-D1745B
    Dell G7 7590-D1765B
    Dell G7 7590-D1865B
    Dell G7 7590-D1885B
    Dell G7 7590-D1889B
    Dell G7 7590-D2765B
    Dell G7 7590-D2769B
    Dell G7 7590-D2785B
    Dell G7 7590-D2788B
    Dell G7 7590-D2865B
    Dell G7 7590-D2868B
    Dell G7 7590-D2885B
    Dell G7 7590-D3885B
    Dell G7 7590-D3888B
    Dell G7 7590-R2742KB
    Dell G7 7790
    Dell G7 7790-1785
    Dell G7 7790-D1765B


Original 60Wh Dell 06YV0V 0JJPFK 1F22N XRGXX Battery

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New,100% Original
Full 6 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money Back
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